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What to Know

Get your Florida ORI number for Livescan fingerprints.

Getting Your Prints in Florida

Here in Florida, fingerprints are overseen by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). The FDLE requires an Originating Agency Identifier Number (ORI) for most fingerprint scans. The ORI number on your fingerprint scans tells the FDLE what agency to share your prints with. Florida law requires an ORI number to be added to your Livescan fingerprints when scanning is done. Some appointments use an alternate system, the Volunteer & Employee Criminal History System, (VECHS) a program administered by the FDLE.

Your ORI Number

  1. You need an ORI or VECHS number to get your fingerprints scanned.
  2. If you don’t have one, your originating agency (the agency that needs your prints) can help you with that.
  3. Below is a list of Florida agencies and their phone numbers, in case you need them.

Once You Have An ORI Number

It’s time to go to our appointments page to reserve your time slot, then take a moment to read about what you can do to help ensure your fingerprints are best-quality.

Florida Agencies

AHCA | Agency for HealthCare Administration | (850) 412-4503 | website (ORI obtained through Clearinghouse)

APD | Agency for Persons with Disabilities | (850) 488-4257 | website (ORI obtained through Clearinghouse)

DCF | Department of Children and Families | (888) 352-2842 | website (ORI obtained through Clearinghouse)

DBPR | Department of Business and Professional Regulation | (850) 487-1395 | website

DOE | Department of Education | (850) 245-0505 | website

DOEA – Department of Elder Affairs (850) 414-2000 | website (ORI obtained through Clearinghouse)

DOH – Department of Health (850) 245-4444 | website

Board of Nursing | website

CNA | website

Massage Therapy | website

DVR | Division of Vocational Rehabilitation | (850) 245-3399 | website (ORI obtained through Clearinghouse)

OFR | Office of Financial Regulation | (850) 487-9687 | website

VECHS | Volunteer and Employee Criminal History System | (850) 410-8324 | website

HSMV | Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles | (850) 617-2000 | website