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Fingerprint Cards In
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Our Story

It’s easy to get fingerprinted when you commit a crime, but for state licensing or to volunteer at school or church, it wasn't. Not until Doug Avdellas got tired driving and waiting for fingerprints. As the owner of Atlantic Employee Screening, an industry leader in employee background checks, he was in an ideal position to fix it. So welcome to Atlantic Prints, the easiest way to get fingerprints.

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What Is An FD-258 Fingerprint Card?

Ink fingerprint cards were around before digital technologies like Livescan, and they’re still the dominant method of fingerprint submission in the United States. There are two ways to create physical fingerprint cards, old-fashioned ink and live scan capture. The two methods are equal in effect and will be accepted wherever you need to send them. We don’t like getting ink all over the place any more than you do, which is why we use Livescan to capture your prints, then print them on standard FBI FD-258 fingerprint card blanks.

Fingerprint cards!

Why Would I Need A Fingerprint Card?

Fingerprint cards are usually required for fingerprint submission to any government or agency outside your home state. For most federal or state agencies here in the U.S., license applications or background checks outside your state are among the cases where fingerprint cards are needed. There are more situations where you need fingerprint ink cards, like in all foreign countries, but our SEO guy would go ballistic if we attempted to list them all here.

Fingerprints Without Waiting In Line

At Atlantic Prints, all Livescan fingerprint scans and FD-258 Fingerprint Cards are done by appointment. So it’s simple, make an appointment on this site, then come to our office in Palm Beach Gardens and get your fingerprints.

Same-Day Fingerprint Cards

Many providers of fingerprint ink cards don’t have printers and can’t give you your fingerprint cards at your appointment after they’re scanned; it’s strange but true! Read the fine print if walking out with your card is important to you. We print your card immediately after your livescan session, and you get to carry it out with you the way it should be. You’re welcome. :—)

Skilled Fingerprinting Technicians

All fingerprints at Atlantic Prints are captured digitally using live scan equipment. Our technicians are trained to capture and print FD-258 fingerprint cards, so out-of-state requests for fingerprints can be done in our office! We do a better job because all our Livescan technicians have been trained to a level that minimizes FBI electronic fingerprint rejection rates. The industry average for rejections is almost 10%, but our rejection rate is below one-half of one percent. FBI rejection is no fun. Make sure you get your prints done right the first time.

Great Location Close to 95

Are you wondering where to get fingerprint cards in Palm Beach County? We’re just off of 95 at Northlake Blvd in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. We’re convenient to all of Palm Beach County. Many customers drive past other fingerprint service providers to take advantage of our no-wait appointments and skilled technicians, both of which can save you loads of time overall. Our clients come from Palm Beach County – Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and even as far as Fort Lauderdale, Martin County, and beyond. Get Livescan and FD-258 Fingerprint Card service where it’s done right.

Illustration of things you should and shouldn't do before your appointment with us.

Things to Do Before Your Appointment

Want to improve your chances of getting high-quality fingerprints? Since we’ll be scanning them digitally, there are some things you can do before your appointment, it’s not that hard, and you might even get out of washing the dishes just this once. Check out our page on how to get better fingerprints to get the whole scoop. Any questions on fingerprint cards, livescan, or how to get your fingerprints done in Florida? Check out our support page.

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