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If Your Prints are Rejected

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Don‘t Panic

Do not panic or worry and know that there is a rejection process — Livescan prints are required to be submitted twice, following which a “name only” check is conducted by the F.B.I.

Get the TCR Number

Within the fingerprint rejection notice is a very important number called a Transaction Control Reference (T.C.R.) number. Forward the FBI fingerprint rejection notice to us so we understand the rejection reason and so we will have the T.C.R. #. Very importantly, with this T.C.R. #, there is no 2nd charge from FDLE.

Come Back for a Re-Scan

If we did not previously capture a second set of fingerprints for you, Schedule a second Livescan fingerprinting session with us. With the T.C.R. #, your total price for a second fingerprinting session is only $15.

Name Only Request

If the FBI rejects the 2nd Livescan fingerprints submission, call your O.R.I. (regulatory) Agency to verify their automatic submission of the “name only” request form to the FBI. If the submission is a VECHS (Volunteer and Employee Criminal History Search) submission to FDLE, then your organization will be required to complete and fax the FBI “name only” check request form.**

If Needed, Call Us

Contact Atlantic Personnel & Tenant Screening with any further questions.

**Please note: Livescan service providers, such as us, are prohibited by law from submitting “name only” check request forms for applicants.